My Experience with INKTOBER 2018 - Asma Original

Fren from the prompt of @relseiy

I was so excited to start Inktober this year! I had the time and I had a goal which is to practice the editorial style. I think with ink is a good tool to get the editorial vibe in my opinion.

Fish from the prompt of @relseiy

So I have decided to do the full Inktober prompt and started to look for the right tools. I immediately found the right ink for me which is Winsor & Newton Black Calligraphy Ink which worked perfectly. However, finding the right paper was so hard and honestly, till now I couldn't find it.

Hydrangea fro the prompt of @relseiy

I wanted to do the official prompt of @inktober which is amazing but I was so drawn to @relseiy's prompt because it was full of botanicals and flowers types.

My husband was traveling for a week so I felt so connected to my daughters and wanted to capture that!

As I have already told you, my goal this inktober was to practice my editorial skills through the ink lines and shapes. I wasn't able to be really consistent throughout the month style wise. I have to work more on this aspect and work on developing my style and make it consistant. However, I can say that using black ink for 30 days helped me improve for sure!